a rush of blood to the head
December 6, 2009, 9:33 PM
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Man I am a sucky blogger !

Alot has happened and i guess i ceebz [haha] to blog about it all. Formal and afters, and now schoolies is over !

It was so interesting to live with so many of your friends for so long, I guess we learnt what everyone was really like. It was super fun living near the beach and our pool was nice (: Didn’t know there would be so much work and such, but it was still fun ,

Anyway here’s the main reason I wanted to blog . Today, I VISITED MY PUPPY ! He’s still a little baby but i like him already :D

How cute is he ! Honestly this is why people impulsively buy puppies. They are the cutest things EVER .
I’ll invite yall over to come play with him (:

The lady has like 10 dogs, several red and white border collies and they were all beautiful ;D

Beeg thanks to Jeremy for driving me up there (: !  I think during the entire 50 minute trip we turned 3 times. LOLSSS.

Anyway now I’m busy packing for my trip back to the homeland on Tuesday, it will be super hectic there with so many people and stuff.
Post HSC life is freaking awesome ;D

Take care everyone !

P.S. We stopped by your house James. And we looked in for a while. It was nice.


the night starts here
November 4, 2009, 10:35 PM
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hi all (:

most of you are now free so everyone can have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

happy 18th to sam and marwo !

also, no one buy a blue one shouldered dress from forcast for formal plz.
unless you want to be matching,
but i dont.

‘part from that, im excited to see yall all dressed up ! ;D

the beginning after the end
October 20, 2009, 12:53 PM
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Quick post to wish all you guys luck !

You know study is on the mind when you dream about it ==
So far today I’ve done next to nothing apart from google information about dogs :(

I hope the rest of you are finding the day more productive hehe

The end is nigh !

song that made us what we are today
October 4, 2009, 10:45 PM
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hi all (:

I’ve been neglecting this and putting off writing a blog about you guys for as long as possible cuhs i know it’ll be sad and I want to hide from it, but after sy’s beautiful post I suddenly miss you all so much.  ):

So over the years I’ve for some reason developed nicknames for lots of you [or chosen to use particular ones] and although most of you had made fun of me for being stupid and stuff, it’s only because each nickname represents a deeper connection i have with you (: I guess after I explain them in this post it will make much more sense; so here it is, the mystery to all the nicknames revealed .

Do not laugh at me whilst reading xP Yes okay as I am typing I am realising how stupid this all seems. And that probably no one except the person will understand. ): But for memories sake I’ll go on !


BEELO [Milo] – I know this came after watching Borat, cuhs his retarded brother is called Bilo and he reminded Sharon and I of you. Jokesss :) For some reason i started spelling it with a double e cuhs im just cool like that and I think ive been calling you that ever since hehe.

CHIPS [Lee-Anne] – Possibly one of the oldest nicknames ever. This was a group effort from your initials LAY and because we were SO funny back then, you became LAYs Chips. Ie just Chips. I think people used to ask me whether it was cuhs you were small too ahaaha. Man we were just so funny in year 7. Not.

COCKY KID [Richard] – I know you don’t come here Richard, but this was TOO GOOD TO NOT PUT IN HEHEE. Year 5, when i was real mean :(

DEVARAIAN [Devarajan Nirthanakumaran just cuhs I can spell it :)] – I think it was I saw you write your name and your j looked like an i and I think i remember you saying to me “I KNOW HOW TO SPELL MY OWN NAME.” hehe
Devaraian himself has better memory than me! Yes Mr Goggin spelt it wrong on the set crew list lolsssss.

GAYFRIEND [Rohan Swami] – Cuhs you’re my frend and you’re Gay. JOKESS, but truly sorry that I may have projected a wrong image about you haha. I remember this was after that fateful Valentine’s Day Dance in 08, when we had the AWESOME FOURSOME :) Good timessssss. The photo of our foursome is in my room so I can see us everyday (: You know you and your gay tendenciessss !

GOODFRIEND [Sy] – The inspiration for this post :) As previously stated I cannot remember how we became goodfriends and this truly saddens me. I swear it was related to your BFFL and snoot gang and you had internal rivalries thus you turned to me to be your outside goodfriend ;) Always got my back ! :)

HALAPENO [Carol] – This was when we all became Mexicansssssss ! And now I cant think of you as anything but. :) I cannot remember why we became Mexicans but halapeno stuck hehe. OLE.

HANNIE [Annie] – In case you haven’t noticed Annie is really hard to make a nickname for. LOLS. This was also as you were my Mexican sister and our last names rhyme (:

HUNGLEHO/JUNGLEGIRL [Larissa] – Hehe you climb poles and eat jungle food. Cuhs you used to eat your healthy salad mix for lunch everyday, and it’d be like a mix of leaves and other stuff you picked from the jungle ;) And mostly cuhs you climb poles like a monkey. It also got H-`ed when you became a mexican hahaa.

JAMESO [James] – I hope you remember that I in fact coined this and you luffed it so much you made it your email ;) I remember it was after an msn battle and I wrote James – 0 as in you had nada points hehe. And yeah :) You’re also lil_azn_jam. LOLSSSSS :)

JEREMY/SLOBBERMOOSH [Jeremy lols.] – Yeah technically this is my nickname for you because everyone including your family calls you Jero :) Previously also part of the mexican family as Heremy, but let’s not go back there ! Ally made slobbermoosh and we were WORSTEST ENEMIES in year 5&6. hehehe :) please destroy my mean xmas card ;D

JEREMOFO [Jeremy Mo] – Cuhs he’s jeremy mo and hes a mofo. JOKESSS.

JONALD MCPHONALD [John] – Ahaha I know either Bryan or James or someone else made this for you, but it’s just too good. TOO GOOD ;D

KINDYFRIEND [Michelle] – Yes, my BEST FRIEND in kindy orange and you forgot about me. I’m still cut hahahaa. Self explanatory really :) Yeah, I know you all like to make fun of this one :p I’m looking at all you “highskewlfrenz !!!1”

MARWO/SMAIL ;) [Marcus] – I actually think you made this one for yourself ahhahaahah ! Oh you’re just so clever, mashing up your name to make one. bahaha. Smail was from our good old chats on msn in year 9, cuhs I used to always typo Snail. (:

PEREZ/EDSPED [Eddy] – Another Mexican brother (: I think your previous long hair and moustache also inspired this hehe. Actually Edsped was first ! Purely because its true and it rhymes. hahah. I think that may have been Sharon or Sy who made it actually ;)

PINDYBANG [Mindy] – Yes I’m proud to say I made this for you :) We were all in the canteen I think, and it was also the time howard became KaPOWard. Pretty good i think ;) But mostly I just call you mindychang (:

PRESCHOOL FRIEND [Neha] – You probably never come here too :( But my best friend in preschool was called Sneha and so you became my honorary preschool friend. :)

RHUBARB/HWANGELINA [Angelina] – You were one of my first friends in good old 7K and i remember we were in the line for the bus for Peer Support Camp, and I said to you MOVE UP. and Mr Flood thought i called you Rhubarb. So thus lil_sxc_rhubarb was borned. [Sorry I just watched Juno and for some reason you remind me of the Asian girl who goes ALL BABIES WANT TO GET BORNED.] PS I swear I made Hwangelina :) But maybe not.

SHEREN [Sharon] – I know no one remembers this but it was in Year 7 [?] in the girls changerooms, and we all realised we had E’s in our name except for you so all your vowels got turned into E’s. And also, that’s just how I say it ;) SHE-REN. Sounds better :D

SIMON CHOW FARN [Simon] – I know I don’t use this often but this was during a battle of the Asian food last names ahaha.

SLIU [Michaeliu] – I remember after our long chats back in Year 10, when you were my brah haha, we realised our names were similar, and that to be true brah and sass we needed to have the same last name. So we squished them together and it made Sliu ! Those were good times :)

SQUID [Lucy] – The story behind this is so long and complicated I cannot remember now :) I think Tracey started calling you Squidget and it just evolved.

TANGVISETHFAG [Chris] – Care of Sharon. Just too good to not use ;)

THAZZA/THASHYPAFASHY [Thashan] – THAZZA4SHAZZA ! The fateful days of your beautiful romance. The second one is from your cuteass little cousin who is gangdurrh as heck ;)

TRANNY [Bryan] – Self explanatory. Devaraian asked why we hadn’t realised it earlier, and that it was created pesifically for us to call you tranny. You probably will never read this which is a good thing. Although you have tried to get everyone to call you Godfather and T.I.T, you will forever be Tranny to me. :)

TWIN [Sandy] – I actually think we became twins as an ironic joke being that I’m tall and you’re short :) If not, I do not remember, but I do know we were attempting to be Fred and George from Harry Potter. Doesn’t matter cuhs I haven’t called you Sandy since that day :)

WEENIE [Winnie] – Previously “date” ♥  [as in my HOT DATE TO THE FORMAL], I think this was from everyone calling you weener [how rude !] and so I was nicer and called you weenie instead (:



Oh gad 28 in total? I’m more retarded than I thought hahaa. In the hope you haven’t all cacked yourself at this point, I hope this sheds some light on why I give people weird nicknames. It’s because they are close to my HART ohkay ! I mean you are all close to my heart :) There are also the nicknames youve all self-coined and such, kelbellesim to name a few ;) then theres the full namers. There are some names that just need to said in full. Like mindychang and peterchen.

I’m going to avoid talking about us all leaving and what happened over the last week cuhs everyone seems to have got that covered.

Just know I love and miss you all so much :)

PS Please still be my frend after reading this post ):

September 14, 2009, 11:09 PM
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isnt it good i took pictures before it got slashed .

the finish line
September 10, 2009, 12:02 AM
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Hope youre all well and such, just a short post .
Lots of nostalgic posts recently so i will refrain !
Spent the last weekend painting like heck to get my major work done on time while watching crappy saturday daytime tv . Oh and i watched police academy 2 hahahaha the guy who makes the sounds is cool :( I kind of miss watching old movies with their not so great special effects and wack humour.

I also miss my old pez dispenser, a mad winnie the pooh one that my mother threw out , so now i have a capitan jack sparrow one lols and he looks weird .

I also recently watched Eastern Promises, one of the most kickass movies evur !
Viggo Mortensen is mad.

Today I also got my Ls finally after 1 yr 3 months HAHA
Full marks in 10 minutes baby

My photo looks like a mugshot .

That is all ! (:

PS, anyone else noticed how fast everyone is growing up ?


Bad lighting so the first one looks really yellow,
but thought i`d share a couple with you guys (:

The fruits of my labour .

new surrender

So tired from the past 24 hours or so , this will be a long post .

Last night was Anberlin concert at UNSW Roundhouse [which by the way, is so much smaller than I expected]. So we get there at 6:4oish and the line to get in is like 1o metres long ahha. And the crowd was predominantly the stereotypically expected audience. Anyway effectively the place had 2 levels, the top balcony area reserved for over 18s. So we get inside, and Brisbane band The Wherewolves open for The Academy Is … opening for Anberlin xD

We began nearish the front nearish the middle, which was okay save for the occasional people trying to worm their way to their front [seriously annoying.] The lights were pretty mad and all ambient and the set up was nice. All was good for about the first 2o minutes, the Wherewolves were actually quite good so gonna check em out now, anyway this chain of little girls dig their way in front of us, which was okay, but then the two in front of me had really big thick bushy poofy hair and they kept running their hands through it and moving back and i swear I ate hair for about 1o minutes == [Also one girl had those nerd glasses on which was incredibly unnecessary.  No doubt she lost them when things really got started.]

So in between acts they have a 15 minute or so break to get things all sorted and check the equipment and such.  And during that time, people started getting frantic and basically everyone in the mosh pit pushed in an attempt to get closer to the front [as if anyone really got anywhere anyway xD] , and I’m talking huge fat guys interspersed with little teeny bopper girls. Basically everyone rubbed up against more people than they should have, it was sweaty and smelt like feet, and during it several people fell over [I’m thinking the little girls]. You basically have to hold on to your possessions really tight whilst simultaneously avoiding getting stepped on, squashed, falling over or touching the sweaty guy in front of you’s sweaty back.

Then The Academy Is… come on and then it gets much worse. This is like screaming fans elbowing their way to the front, and everytime someone pushed forward, well obviously others pushed back and there were arms and legs everywhere and it really was not very pleasant xD This just worsened when they played their more famous songs and people got excited and started jumping. Hugeass people jumping really high… Toes were crushed and more people fell over. At one stage it got so bad you could see people actually leaving the mosh pit to just stand on the edge due to the fact it hurt so freaking much D:

Anyway after their set, heaps of people were all like yeah that’s all I came for and they just exited. Which to me is so stupid considering it’s an Anberlin concert and they were just a support act. But whatevs. After that there was another break, more pushing and shoving and seriously, I truly hate people who try to squish their way further to the front by killing everyone around them.  These people basically elbowed their way past you or pushed entire groups of people, shoved their way through and pushed more people out of their way when the crowd swayed back. Anyway we perservered and Anberlin came on and it was all worth it (:

Stephen Christian pumped up the crowd alot, his voice was amazing and they had a really good setlist, not just from their new album but quite a few favrits from older ones :) The purple/red/white lights created such a nice glow and the smoke machine made it all hazy [although it was seriously hot in there and everyone was really thirsty]. This time everyone got into it but thankfully reasonably and there was less getting squashed and pushing [THANKYOU, PEOPLE AROUND US].

They opened with The Resistance, the first track of their new album which was really appropriate I thought, and yeah basically we all got to hear our favrit songs ;D I can’t remember the pesific order but it included A Whisper and A Clamour, Breaking, Adelaide, Disappear, Hello Alone, The Unwinding Cable Car, A Day Late, Paperthin Hymn, Dismantle Repair, Godspeed, Feel Good Drag [YES !],  A Joy Division Cover [the name eludes me] and … damn I can’t remember which they finished with, but it was after much chanting (: Now that I think about it they played ALOT of songs.


It was so amazing to see them perform live [although could barely see Nate :(] They seemed really into it and so did the crowd so that was really good (: Speakers were effing loud though and my ears are still ringing xD
But it really was incredible. The atmosphere, including all the pushing and BO, was still amazing. There was this sense of like .. everyone in sync at times, and it basically was really a you have to be there to know kind of experience (: Recounting it reminds me of how great it was ;D

Stephen Christian’s voice was really really good, and the whole band is very good live :) I remember seeing videos on youtube of their prior performances live and I’m happy to say they have improved alot. Stephen is such a good performer. I dearly wish I could see him perform Anchor&Braille [Maybe there’d also be less getting crushed also haha], because it’s such a different facet of music to Anberlin. Hearing both sides of him really highlights how diverse and cultured he is hehe.

Unfortunately couldn’t really see Deon cuhs he was on the other side [At this point we had been squished to the right side], but it was still really good. I don’t even really know how to explain it, but I do wish they played more of their slower/quieter songs. Taking out acoustics for The Unwinding Cable Car was awesome though :)

I won’t go into further detail since this post is already an essay, but I cannot stress how amazing it truly was (: Also if Jeremy hadn’t helped me throughout I think I would have been completely crushed by the massive fat guys D:
So thankyou :) At times we lost Swami and he claimed he got punched in the face LMAO. Jeremy on the other hand, being so tall, suffered next to zero damage xD

Afterwards we were so so thirsty. Throughout the concert security were squirting water into people’s mouths, but only those at the front :( So we were dying of dehydration yet still had to catch the bus back to the city to train it home. So first convenience store we see [thank god the city is full of them], i bought a 1.5 L bottle of water and we just drank it all. The feeling was like … equally as incredible as the concert LMAO. Well yeah, after not drinking for 4.5 hours in a room filled with a mass of hot sweaty bodies pressed up against you … yeah, it was so good to finally have WATER.

Then we went home, I showered and slept at 1:3o am xD It’s the damn 4o minute train from central to epping == I swear my ears still rang like crazy but I fell asleep practically straight away and then had to get up at 9 for homo USyd open day :( Y’all know how it went so yeah.

Oh we had dinner at Wagaya [No doubt Belle will blog about this hehe] and the place is SO NICE. Everything’s computerised and such and yeah xD. I would definitely eat there again. The food was so nice and we had a freaking tv in the little room with us  ;D. However at the end of dinner, we discovered that we were 15$ short for the bill. :| Which was the greatest mystery ever so we rang up people who left early and checked over everything, but to no avail. So we all coughed up some more money and truly wondered how that happened xD

I want to know ! But yes.

Basically the Anberlin concert was amazing.
I love hearing bands live. And this time in the mosh, it was an altogether different experience. I’ve never been that close to so many strangers. LMAO. Okay maybe I mentioned too much in detail about the bad bits, but when they played it truly outweighed it all !

So thanks, all you skinny little people who got crushed, fatass smelly people, the annoying pricks who started the pushing, the two frigid girls who just stood there arms crossed looking angry, the couple next to us who were ROCKING OUT HARDCORE, the other devout fans, the over 18s on the balcony looking too cool [on several occasions I glanced back at them, only to see them all still. This was as all of us down the bottom were rocking out harhar.], the support acts and most of all, Anberlin for coming to Sydney, Australia.





These were pinched from the internets since my crappy phonecamera couldn’t take jackall xD